Wedding Party

Best Man - Griff Midkiff - Scott’s best friend and former roommate: Griff has been in Scott’s life for the past 8 years. They have been through countless adventures together and Scott is excited to have Griff be a part of this one.

Groomsman - Jayson Bykowski - Scott’s good friend and husband to Misty: Jayson has been a great friend to Scott over the years, and has been his music consiglieri exposing him to music…that does not suck.

Groomsman - William Huezo - Sasha’s little brother: Scott is excited to be a big brother. William will be the one showing us how to bust a move! Watch out for him on the dance floor.

Bridesmaid - Nadia Huezo – Sister of Sasha Huezo: The pint sized Salvadorian version of Indiana Jones, she is a great companion for any adventure. She’s given her family personal tours of such historical sites as the Acropolis and Machu Picchu.

Bridesmaid - Pamela Huezo - Sister of Sasha Huezo: Always the artist, Pamela finds fun and beauty in everything from a Venice beach drum circle to her studies in Chinese medicine. She even found fun in participating in a ridiculous hair show so that Sasha could get a free hair cut. Pictures available upon request.

Bridesmaid - Misty Fejer-Bykowski - Friend of Sasha Huezo: Sasha and Misty’s friendship began in high school and continued to grow through their years at USC and beyond. Misty is always up for anything planned or not; whether that’s breakfast with Kangaroos in the Australian bush or eloping in Las Vegas. Good times, good times!